Enspiral Labs

We are a diverse team of technologists, designers and organisational consultants, drawing on our experience building the Enspiral Network - a non-hierarchical, participatory network of businesses and freelancers.


Organisational consulting

We offer organisational consulting, design, facilitation, coaching and educational programmes based on our lived experience in participating in and helping design the Enspiral network.




Software solutions

We prototype and develop web solutions. 

Our development team builds websites, bespoke solutions, mobile and web applications, and content management platforms. We focus on solving real world problems. 



Coming up in November - 

November 5th - Kate speaks at Agile Teams, Agile Organizations and the Future of Work

November 9th - Participate in Susan's webinar at Agivetta

Join us on 3rd November in Lisbon, Sao Paulo on the 10th or 24th open.enspiral workshop