Discover | Prototype | Build


We know first hand of the benefits of more transparent, participatory systems. We also know that good systems and tools are built by understanding users and their needs.

We apply a range of lean and human centered design methodologies in a collaborative fashion to uncover the real problems people face in order to design and build real solutions.

Our approach is simple:



In collaboration with you and other key stakeholders, we run collaborative discovery workshops to identify key business needs and pain points, map user-types and ideal user interactions and develop job stories.


Following validation and clarification, we develop a UX prototype or 'clickable prototype' giving us a clear working interface for the application so we can do direct user-testing and implement any additional tweaks to the design and schema before entering the next phase.


With job stories detailed and a mock application built, we use agile software development to build your solution.
If you want to find out more about the way we work and validate before we build,