Susan Basterfield

Scaffold tender

Susan Basterfield is a catalyst, convenor, and agile coach, who helps people experiment with new ways of working and being, to actualise the workplace of the future. Her purpose is to end suffering in the workplace. An Enspiral Member and Foundation Catalyst, she is proof that 25 years in hierarchical, command and control multinationals is a reversible condition.  She is convenor of TealNZ.


Damian Sligo-Green

Business Development

Damian Sligo-Green brings people, process and the bigger-picture together to help design (mostly software) solutions that meet real needs. With a professional background in financial services, digital and creative media and currently working in agile software design and development, Damian brings a combination of human-centered design, lean and agile methodologies to help forge collaborative and engaging solutions for all involved.



Sandra Chemin

Sandra Chemin is an internet pioneer and founder of one of the first digital agencies in Brazil. Sandra left the corporate life to live aboard a sailboat with her husband and two daughters.  She structured the international operation of Mesa&Cadeira and believes in the importance of a shared purpose and collaborative ways of working to generate innovation and impact. Sandra is a strategy consultant, start-up advisor and board member.. She is an Enspiral ambassador and is currently developing Enspiral Labs in Brazil.

Joshua Vial

Lotsa stuff

Joshua is an entrepreneur and programmer with a passion for business, technology and social change. He has been running technology businesses for the last dozen years and launched Enspiral in 2010. In 2013 he co-founded Enspiral Dev Academy and is currently serving as a Catalyst of the Enspiral network while focusing on the launch of Enspiral Labs.

Kate Beecroft

Combustion engine

Kate Beecroft is a product developer, a programme designer and a facilitator. Over the last four years she has helped over 30 social impact businesses scale up. She has been leading the Enspiral Labs workshop tour of Europe to show how Enspiral runs a 300 person network without hierarchy. She is interested in how bossless organisations can generate more innovation, more fun, and more humanity than we've ever known before!


Dan Hassan

Dan Hassan (UK|GUY), is a computer engineer active in autonomous co-operatives over the last decade; in areas of economics (Rootstock, Robin Hood Coop, Economic Space Agency, Enspiral), housing (Radical Routes), migration (No Borders) & labour (Footprint Workers Coop). Currently researching blockchains & data analysis for Dyne, Robin Hood Coop & University of Western Sydney | Institute for Culture & Society. Caretaker of Public BigchainDB as part of the IPDB Foundation; Board Member of Robin Hood Coop.



               Dan Lewis                 Partner

Daniel Lewis trained as an architect and is now an entrepreneur, business analyst, software developer and coordinator. He is keenly interested in the collaboration process and working with others to develop business and product roadmaps that achieve the key objectives of a project. His ambition is to help others collectivize and develop more sustainable software and building systems for our society.






Mikey Williams

Mad Scientist

Mikey is an artist, developer, and teacher working on software for human economic networks. He's active in the mad science JavaScript community,, and from his home in Enspiral Root Systems.





              Michael Smith                                   Contributor

Michael has worked as a developer, scrum master and teacher. After graduating with a Bachelor of IT in New Zealand he worked as a developer before moving onto being a teacher and consultant at Enspiral Dev Academy. He is passionate about social enterprise and mental health. Adaptability is Michael’s middle name and he’s more often than not, able to fill the gap in any project.